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The Eminence

RM 168.00

Contains precious stones that are curated specially to promote abundance in your career, investments and finances - the Eminence is your perfect compatriot on your path to success.


This purple crystal promotes positive self-worth, spiritual peace, and meditation. It also enhances memory and improves inner motivation, making you more able to set and achieve goals.

Tiger Eye

This powerful stone helps you overcome the fear of failure or competition by banishing self-limiting beliefs. It also sharpens your mental clarity; a fantastic stone for those intending to improve their career in a leadership or coaching position.

Black Tourmaline

The black tourmaline banishes feelings of being a victim, promoting self-confidence and decreasing fears.  With the correct intention setting, the black tourmaline also attracts inspirations, ideas, and prosperity.


This is the ultimate stone for financial abundance. Improve your financial status by drawing on its gold energy while you partake in actions that will increase your monetary wealth. The pyrite also provides protection by deflecting negative energies from around you.

Milky Quartz
Keep this master healing stone as your constant companion while charting your track to success. Imbue it with positive intentions and the milky quartz will help magnify them.