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The Guardian

RM 168.00

Feeling down on your luck lately? The Guardian contains crystals that are selected for their protective qualities that will shield you against low vibrating energies and negativity.

Black Tourmaline - Transparent.png
Black Tourmaline
This jet-black stone absorbs negative energy. It also protects and cleanses your surroundings by transforming heavy vibrations to lighter ones. It is a talisman of protection.
Tiger Eye
An ancient amulet for shielding against unwanted intentions and ill-wishes. It is also a lucky stone for attracting good fortune and blessings.
Milky Quartz - Transparent.png
Milky Quartz
Protects the aura and great for supporting the healing of both mental or physical condition. Infuse it with any positive intentions and it shall amplify them.
Labradorite - Transparent.png
Strengthens faith and trust in self and the universe. Banishes non-beneficial projections from others, insecurities, irrational fears and disappointments.